In Training

On a journey from Connolly station this lunchtime, as I stood waiting for the 13.34 calling at everywhere in the world before my stop, I noted the large numbers of students on the platforms. The 13.20 to Drogheda was about to go and with the Maynooth train not far off, the place was full of skinny jeans, trackies and dragged heels. To all the anxious faces and wide open eyes, enjoy these times of leisure and learning: your 20’s will be great, a little pain and a lot of pleasure. There’s lots of time left, do not try to pack all life’s experience into the next three years. Stop looking so worried: he likes you, she’ll be on today’s train so you can look at her from afar and you’ll have some more money very soon.

Oh yea, and TwentyMajor hates pirate talk. You know you want to.

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