Left: some trivial nonsense I looked at after watching RTE’s Prosperity.

So what is RTE’s 4-part series ‘Prosperity’ for exactly? They are well produced and dramatic stories in and of themselves but when you insist on showing spot ads for ‘Dan and Becs’ in the break, doesn’t it take from the impact it is attempting to have?

Shocking tales of unspoken pain, psychological and physical woe passed from generation to generation, stress levels going unchecked and reinforced. Georgie’s story last night was really very good and it portrayed his own pain following the collapse of the relationship with his wife.

Collective middle and upper class sigh of desperation begins: “It’s terrible isn’t it? If only we could do something about it….ah well back to worrying about how much my country pile is worth.” Sorry Littlesapling but is it just me?

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4 thoughts on “Prothperity

  1. No 73, its not just you.I despair at the fact that we collectively as a nation have lost something valuable in our scrabbling for money and status.The people who voted for Fianna Fáil in the election may have been mildly concerned about the fact that violent crime is doubling every six months, that their children are in overcrowded and under resourced schools and indeed that some children in this now affluent country STILL wake with no breakfast or return from school to a hot meal but they voted to stick to the status quo.The poor, the needy, the mentally ill are of no importance to most, although they will keep up their monthly donation to charities (for show, you know).
    So no, its not just you and I certainly hope its not just us.

  2. I haven’t seen any Irish TV for years – except for The Clinic (on DVD) which I rather enjoyed. I guess I’m not missing much am I?

  3. I thought Prosperity was fantastic. Very poignant all right, but gripping viewing and terrifically funny too. Spot on observational humour. Sad about the rabbit though. I could see that coming.

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