Three minute trial

I’m in the grand county of Longford for a few days so ‘blogging is the last thing on my mind. Arriving at about lunchtime, I thought, what if I parked in the shopping centre car park, bring the laptop to the town library across the way and use their wifi. They’re bound to have one there, at least with some restrictions so that I can’t type in the word ‘necrophilia’ without a follow up enquiry to the Garda. But wait, no they don’t have wireless access points at the town library. They have internet access as any library in Ireland should have. No wireless though, insecure or no. Grrrr. Off to to complain.

The very helpful assistant came all the way out from behind her desk (“making a break for it, I am”) to show me where I can find a bar with a wireless access point. So here I am, eating a scone I don’t want and drinking scorched Americano (when did a black coffee without milk become an Americano?) so that I can post and read. However, on my way here I couldn’t help but listen to that annoying Newstalk phone in show going from 9 to 11am – Your Call.

She’s not a bad presenter at all; like Joe Duffy I’m sure that she had aspirations to becoming the next Walt Kronkite but sadly, she takes calls from John in Navan instead: “why should I have to pay out of my income tax for these people to be given free English language classes??” In the grand tradition of the three minute trial, most callers and already had their tiny little mind made up before picking up the phone or emailing the show. The argument goes something like:

“My girlfriend had to pay for German language classes when she was a child minder in Frankfurt in 1985; these people get far too much already with their free nappies and cars; why should we encourage non-nationals to come here and take up jobs when they can’t even understand the fire drill in my factory.”

I generally tend to get all closed minded and liberal (That’s outrageous, you cannot say that on the radio, how could someone think that) and such like on these occasions but I couldn’t help thinking what a Lithuanian man said to me recently in a pub conversation:

“We don’t care about your country. We care about your money.”

Kind of turns things on their head, doesn’t it? Back in the land of scone-less wifi by Friday.


3 thoughts on “Three minute trial

  1. “We don’t care about your country. We care about your money.”

    Similar to a lot of Irish people these days I fear.

  2. Paul: good going. Perhaps we need to think about outing other public facilities like this?

    Conortje: yup. spoken by many and lived out by more. Sad eh?

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