Private health is much better….yeeesss

Left: two employees of a private hospital looking a little sheepish before meeting the minister responsible to the public for healthcare.

So Portlaoise’s hospital is now also rechecking mammogram results in the light of what is going on (or not) at Barrington’s private in Limerick. In this morning’s Irish Times we have the vaguest of reports linking the two re-examinations of their respective records. The truth is is that Barrington’s hospital is not subject to the same level of quality control as that put forward by the Health Information & Quality Authority (but really here: HIQA). This is a public body which oversees “the continued development of a high quality, safe and effective health care system” for the Irish public health system. Quango anyone?

But private health facilities are not under its remit and while Mariharni has been busy scrambling over her civil servants to cosy up to the private medical industry in an attempt to clear the queues, the HIQA has been beavering away as one of the ‘structures’ trying to make some sense of personal social and health services in Ireland. You see the HIQA does its work “based on evidence and best international practice” and spends its time “implementing continuous quality assurance programmes” for us all, except if you can buy your way out of the public health system in which case health care is clearly way better, because it’s private. Why do we have to rely on best international practice? Is Irish practice not good enough? Is there another kind of decision making other than that “based on evidence”?

That’s bullshit bingo for ‘we want to make it look good for the Minister on our website and in annual reports’. Damn it guys, we pay for them to be there you know.

So throwing public money to ensure standards in the public system is good for the little people but you can avoid all of that red tape and standards stuff if you just go private. Because private is always better. I mean look at the way that eircom / Aer Lingus / household refuse collections / water schemes improved so much once they went private? Who could possibly disagree?


3 thoughts on “Private health is much better….yeeesss

  1. Is there another kind of decision making other than that “based on evidence”?

    Well actually there is.

    We could always rely on the great old Irish practice of blind adherence to doing whatever our betters tell us. The Church, for instance.

    Or of course we could go with the other one you referred to: international practice – a term that has well served Irish bullshitters through the generations.

  2. did we simply replace one hegemonic structure with another? The tyranny of international best practice.

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