Take it away

I felt that I needed to nudge that last posting down the page a wee bit. I didn’t want to frighten the children. The picture inserted below here tells many stories. It was on the front of yesterday’s edition of the Irish Times. The arm of the smiling Garda on the left is not extended in the picture to reach out to Great Agbonlahor. He’s clearly not interested in making human contact with an autistic child born in Italy and threatened with deportation from Ireland. The Garda on the right hand side is looking elsewhere; he’s obviously ignoring the scene in front of him. He clearly doesn’t care. The face of Olivia Agbonlahor is wary of Great’s behaviour given the location of the photograph, outside the Department of Justice’s Immigration and Naturalisation Services office on Dublin’s quays. It captures all of what is wrong with Irish immigration policy right now: no compassion or human discretion. “Give em and inch and they’ll take a mile” they say.

Except for one small detail: I saw the same picture on TV3 news broadcasts on Monday night and the Garda shook Great’s hand.


2 thoughts on “Take it away

  1. There’s two problems here if any.

    No police officer should, in the course of normal duty, have their arms folded like that – it’s negative body language which gives off unwelcoming signals (but mostly when people fold their arms like such they don’t realise the extent of the negative tones it gives off – the position is also defensive and sometimes simply comfortable).

    The second problem is the presumption of the viewer. For example, the second officer is “obviously” ignoring what is going on, there’s no possibility that he is looking at something that has just got his attention or that he is just camera shy.

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