Ryan’s slaughter….

The vultures are beginning to circle apparently, says Trevor White who was very quickly recruited to back up his friend John Ryan in Saturday’s Dubliner Magazine online. I actually don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about Gatsby Publishing, Ryan’s dire financial situation or the fact that some former employees are still waiting to pay three months rent – allegedly. I care more about site traffic. I must say that I am simply delighted to see the spike in traffic coming from New York over the weekend:

It went from zero visits on the 8th of August to over 10 on Sunday. 10 from New York alone! I am absolutely thrilled with this showing. Even Twenty Major emailed me to apologise for the posting he made on the Roma on the M50 a few weeks back. Himself and his good friend Adam Maguire had a good chuckle when this massive story broke late on Friday but I think it is safe to say that they now see the error of their ways. There’s a real integrity in journalism you know.


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