What may have happened to Ryan’s Bloggorah

Left: John in happier times

I received this link late Friday. It contains further details of the fate of Blogorrah and the good folks at Gatsby Publishing. Apart from the exceptionally classy subtitle (It hasn’t only stopped printing — it’s in a whole steaming shitpile of money trouble), there’s more than a touch of Phoenix Magazine about it all. I know they’re Gatsby’s erstwhile competitors but hell, this is juicy.

Read it and we can all move on with our lives…..pending legal action of course.

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6 thoughts on “What may have happened to Ryan’s Bloggorah

  1. 73Man,

    This will sound self-serving and defensive but this piece on the dog magazines is, at best, a distortion of what really happened. I have sent the site a point-by-point rebuttal and invited them to speak with other staff who have a very different version of events.
    Damn your beautiful eyes, Interweb.

  2. John you’re a bold faced lie. How many payroll checks bounced??? You didn’t even pay your taxes!!!! You HAVE NO SENSE OF HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS

  3. yea right John,

    other staff, maybe ONE, wouldn’t agree? Are you sure about that? Don’t make out like you are the injured party here after what you’ve put everyone through! Distortion my rear end….The Distortion is you…John Ryan, king of distortion and “blame everybody else”! Smoke and mirrors Baby…Smoke and Mirrors.
    By the way,
    throw in a little compliment, that will make it ALLL better!
    Damn, your lying lips, your deceitful eyes, your skinny butt….or what was that word they used to describe you elsewhere…
    oops, I can’t say it! I just can’t

  4. I presume my two anonymous friends are/were employees of Johns? Otherwise, why would/should they give a fuck? Ah of course, I nearly forgot about Irish begrudgery with all this Celtic Tiger nonsense

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