Oooh for a caption

I know my 100th posting should be more auspicious but hell, I cannot begin to think of captions for this particular photo:

Air steward: “ah but sher it goes up in the air anyways, knowotimeanli.”

Big Ian: “typical Free Staters, one move and the wheels come off.”

Dermot Mannion: “Big Ian’s just put his hand on my arse!”

Facebook account – begone!

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7 thoughts on “Oooh for a caption

  1. Maybe Mannion’s reacting to Big Ian saying something like “This’ll be a grand wee plane once we paint it orange!!!”

  2. Big Ian: And that’s why they call me ‘Big Ian’

    Stewardess: Er, ah, right, ah, a little too much information….where’s the door….er..

    Mannion: No, really, more like, this big.

  3. I don’t know about a caption but surely that’s Eileen Dunne dressed up as an air stewardess. No?

  4. Conor: you may have been out of Ireland a while but having said that, I’d say more like Anne Doyle a few years ago.

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