Stop legal immigration now!

This morning I read in my newspaper that visitors to Ireland so far this year reached a record high and that, even taking immigration out of the equation, our population is growing faster than ever as more women in Ireland are giving birth to more and more babies. Don’t we need some control of those arriving in Ireland? Pretty soon our great culture will be swamped by all of those overweight north American and British people. We might lose our great Irish language and the distinctiveness of our leisure pursuits. And don’t even get me started on those pregnant women arriving at hospitals just about to give birth.

Figures released yesterday by the Central Statistics Office show some 100,000 more visitors arrived in Ireland between January and May 2007 than in the same period last year.


The number of births rose to 64,237, an increase of 3,195 on 2005.

These teeming hordes must be stopped or we’ll have nothing but wailing babies and Germans sharing glasses of Harp pretty soon. Sure what’s a few Romani on a roundabout then eh?

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6 thoughts on “Stop legal immigration now!

  1. Well anonymous, it is not so much about fitting in but yes, I agree. Ireland as a whole would have been better off with 10 or 12 million like we may have had bar the famine and long term emigration.

  2. I’m having a hard time with all of these cross-blog links. but yes…you may stay. Only if you keep bringing your wonderful retail outlets here though…..House of Fraser anyone?

  3. Thanks. Anyway, I live in a field with lots of cows so I’m not taking up anyone else’s room. Oh and my Hubby’s Irish too which means my children say ‘blimey’ but with a strange Irish accent. Now W H Smith’s, there’s a store we could do with here…

  4. I have an offer you can’t refuse give us the fat Brits and Americans in exchange for what we get in England!
    Hold on to your hat it’s set to get far worse for us all in 2010 when 9 muslim countries join the free market then we shall all be swamped.
    Our cultures are not important they are set to be detroyed we must be more tollerant of everyone elses though.

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