Why clean?

We had a party at our place on Saturday night. It was a late one and we spent most of yesterday either chastising our hungover selves for not cleaning up or actually cleaning up. This, despite the fact that we spent almost an entire workday’s worth of work preparing for it Saturday.
On getting out of bed yesterday morning (because I cannot sleep with a hangover) I thought that the downstairs part of the house would never, ever be clean again. Ms 73man made a good start on gathering up the strewn bottles and cans and then took a foetal position on the couch with ‘The Cure’ (Robert Smith was not involved).

I spent the day getting fits of activity to clean this part of the kitchen or that part of the backyard. It seemed like painting the Golden Gate Bridge at one stage with the washing up – some semblance of breakfast and lunch were consumed at various parts of the day. A small plate and a glass take on new significance when you’ve got 410 forks and knives as well as 16 large bowls to wash and dry. I’m not afraid to say it but my rack is a small one. Going on the well worn cliche that size is not important, I took the washing up and recycling of bottles to task and by 5pm had broken the back of it.

Seriously folks, why clean at all? I had this question in my head as I went to empty the coffee machine this morning for the 15th time in the last 48 hours. The feeling of dry beer forever marking my footsteps on the way to the stereo might turn some off but it can wait. Pah! It’s the skirting board behind the bin that makes it all seem like a futile exercise. That place will never be clean so forget about it. By the end of the day she had cleaned the floor and I had done the dishes. And before anyone makes some remark about gendered labour, we both did our fair share of Coronation St omnibus-watching too. Saturday was spent making our friends believe that we dust regularly; Sunday was spent making ourselves believe that there’s a point to all of this.

Swearing Lady reckons she needs a blog holiday. So do I and they start on August 16th.

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3 thoughts on “Why clean?

  1. I feel your pain, 73. We only had one couple over last night so not a big mess but I did have a big head while cleaning up.
    I also can’t sleep with a hangover.

  2. The bit of skirting board behind the bin…thats so true 73…I make a point of giving it a scrub when i mop the floors but withing minutes its scruffy again…one of lifes little mysteries…..
    I HATE cleaning up after a party so much..In our last house we didn’t have a dishwasher and it would take what felt like days to wash up..oddly enough, now that we do have a dishwasher..it still does.

  3. Oh and I HATE those ads…the stuff dosn’t work and leaves some possibly dangerous fumes behind..

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