I’m 73man, who the hell are you?

I am a paid up ‘pro’ member of Flickr, a somewhat flattering term which means I pay about €16 per year to upload as many photos as I want to their site and can access them from any computer. Small price to pay really for online storage of my sporadic photographic output. You can check out my own shots here and although I am largely anonymous for the 25 people or so per day who visit this site, Juicy Carolina isn’t.

Who is Carolina? In a very public way, she is the “Juiciest Juicy Girl East of the Mississippi” according to her profile on Flickr, she has over 1200 contacts and has featured in the UK’s What Digital Camera magazine. She’s not an internet celebrity to the mainstream media, but she is an internet celebrity. It began I think as a way to show off her liking of a certain brand of clothes and there are some early posts in 2002 but from then until mid 2005, there’s precious little else. As online identities go, this is enigmatic. She gets many millions of hits every week for the beautiful photography taken by her boyfriend: mostly her in wistful and cutesy poses, taking ever so slight advantage of her gamine figure. She is a beautiful woman, of that there can be little doubt. Her own sense of herself and how she is perceived by her audience though can be contrasted by examining two photo sets in particular. Contrast the two sets entitled ‘My Faves’ and ‘Your Faves’ on her front page and you might get a sense of what I mean.

To thousands of men across the world she’s a traditionally-constructed sex kitten, subject of a gaze that wants to possess and to touch. She’s one short, teasing pull of a bikini cord away from internet crossover star. The comments submitted to individual photos tell their own stories: from the way women should be “Her skin is so smooth and perfect, no blemishes”to the denial of sexual attraction displaced on to art “What I like is the artistic merit of her work. The lighting and composition is fantastic”.

To herself, she’s a fun and intelligent innocent seeking recognition of skill through her daily postings. I would not insult you by denying that I think she’s terribly pretty. She’s the biggest star of the 21st century. She’s not a flesh and blood woman for thousands and thousands of people but yet forms a large part of a detached, collective sexuality project.

“The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” William Gibson.

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3 thoughts on “I’m 73man, who the hell are you?

  1. ‘Juicy’ looks like a slightly better lokking version of Aine from Sligo and with better clothes too.
    Aine gets a lot of hits every day aswell…just saying.

  2. Her popularity is hardly surprising as it’s more of the pornification of women for sexual objectification and consumption by men.
    Scantily clad women get a lot of hits? What a surprise!

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