Help? The English?

I heard a fantastic commentary from one of this morning’s newspapers read out on Newstalk 106 this morning as I drove to work. I think it was the Daily Irish Mail or the Irish Daily Mail or the Daily Mail Ireland (whatever they’re calling it this week). Something along the lines of “all we can do in Ireland when there’s flooding in England is sit back and snigger. If this was Indonesia you’d have all sorts of people lining up to help those poor unfortunates. Everyone from church and media to government would be putting their shoulders to the wheel.”

Whatever you think about English people you might know / share your bed with / buy bread off at Saturday’s organic market, I’m not sure we’re sniggering at their inundated misfortune right now. Do you think this might be the same journalist who wrote this piece of trash:

Another 21 Roma have flown in to the country to take up residence alongside 86 fellow gypsies who have already set up camp beside a motorway.

Last night the latest arrivals were settling into their new surroundings at the Ballymun exit from the M50 motorway, as the Romanian ambassador launched a hard-hitting attack on Irish support groups.

Oh no, wait that’s Tom Brady, respectable Independent jouro-hack with an eye for the absurd. Settling in were they? Were they ordering 10mb broadband from Magnet or checking out the Chinese takeaway menus left on their mud patch in their absence? He continues:

The latest arrivals carried tents in their luggage and hailed a fleet of taxis to take them directly from the airport to the three makeshift camps…

He said as he sped away following them in his 06 reg Avensis. A fleet you say? Usually when I come into Dublin Airport there are exactly no taxis waiting to take me directly from the airport to my own makeshift camp just south of the grand canal.

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  1. Any chance that I could get tha name of the cab company..need to fly next week…be handy for them to drop me off at the M50 too (the car’ll be there).
    Another hack describes the ‘criminal element in Romania en route to Ireland’…are these people even reading the bull the use to fill inches?

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