Hate golf, love Paddy

I hate golf in the way George W Bush hates Iraq. It’s not a sport, it is a leisure pursuit. A waste of a good walk? Golf is a waste of good land.

I must confess though that I was watching the Garcia & Harrington battle hot up for the last 3 holes of regulation play, cool down for a while when they lost some flags and then hot up again for about 1 more hour. It was tense and it was narrowly defined by nationality but Paddy, Padraig’s young son, was caught by the BBC and asked his Dad when presented with the trophy “can we put ladybirds in it?”

For that line alone, it is worth watching one and a half hours of tedious walking with a little big of golf. Oh yea, and another HBO series ended with less fanfare than a rubbish collection: Rome.

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