What does this stuff mean anyway?

So Sitemeter provides my site readership (some of it on the left here) and visit data and it gives some additional info on your browser and your location too. It’s a good service and all but does it really matter that my average visitation rate went up the day of the Twenty Major spat? I appreciate your visit but why measure? It’s a serious question but why do ‘blogs like, for example, irishflirtysomething gets lots of daily comments and I get very few? Demographics? Topics? Just interested really?

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4 thoughts on “What does this stuff mean anyway?

  1. Here’s a comment 🙂

    I find them mildly interesting in that they throw up some quirky figures. For example, I get nearly as many visitors from the States as I do from Ireland, but I only get about one eighth of my visitors from the UK. ??

    The only figure that really matters is the trend line. Are your visitors increasing or decreasing? That kind of thing.

    Daily comments really depend on the size of your audience, and how long you have been around. I still remember my astonishment at my first comment!!

  2. Sure, I see your point that it is the comments that are interesting. I guess it is not so important to count the numbers but the quality of the replies I get to postings.

  3. I won’t say that the comments are the sole reason why I blog [I don’t know why I do it!] but they really make it worthwhile.

    Quite often, the comments take off on their own tangent which can be fun.

  4. in my super humble opinion comments come after time – I had months of tumbleweed before people started leaving comments. and it is one of my key reasons for blogging as I love seeing what other people think. plus some of the comments are HILARIOUS.

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