Live (spore) free and dye harder

I went to see Die Hard last night but my incisive review’s wind has been stolen by the fantastic postings in the last 24 hours by both Flirtysomething and the Swearing Lady. I don my cap to thee fair maids of the ahem, blogosphere. That and a story in this morning’s Irish Times which contains the Simpsons-esque headline of

Ballybrit races to be ‘cryptosporidium-free’

At least Bertie has been assured that

The track’s new €150,000 water filtration and UV light system proved clear in tests last Friday.

That’s a relief. Now on to the funnies. The latest instalment of the Die Hard franchise is not only insultingly misogynistic, carries heavy undertones of racism and stars the guy who plays the Mac in those increasingly annoying Mac Vs PC ads on, it also deigns to claim some understanding of the complexities of global politics. At one stage, Willis’ side kick attempts to put a stop to all of this madness by shouting “how do we know when we’ve won?” referring to the relentless pursuit by John McClane of the bad guys but of course referring to Iraq in a not at all, i.e. very, obvious way.

The stupidity of the violence seen in the one on one fight sequences becomes more apparent when Willis takes on the girlfriend of the Taoiseach of bad guys. The nemesis’ Celia if you will. Willis beats the shit out of her, knocks her down with a jeep in a power station and she survives and then sends her to her death in a lift shaft and then recalls all of this to the main bad guy – to “make it personal”. She’s a whore, a bitch, an Asian hooker. Racialised to within an inch of its life, this film makes it acceptable to kick the shit out of men and women, because, hell, it’s an equal opportunity world now.

The gormless assistant director of the FBI is played by an American of probably Indian (as in India) descent and is once referred to by Justin Long (him off the Apple ads) as having a fuzzy head. Ok, so I am little sensitive and maybe displacing my frustration at having to pay €9 (€2.58 on M&Ms don’t count) to sit with my friends and watch a film I wouldn’t ordinarily see. Come on! That throwaway line in particular might redefine the term fuzzy-wuzzy, a word that that was a diminutive of that other racial epithet, wog. And up until quite recently too.

This film is rubbish and completely devoid of any entertainment. Unless by entertainment you mean people jumping from the back of a moving fighter plane onto a concrete highway and survive. And yes I did know what I was getting into and no, I generally do not like Hollywood action movies but this was a new low that I saw being ushered in by films like Ang Lee’s Hulk: lowest common denominator entertainment.

And I didn’t even use the word ‘problematic’ once.

Q: can someone tell me how to get the same formatting for text before and after quotations on Blogger?

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4 thoughts on “Live (spore) free and dye harder

  1. I wish I knew…Kav’s your man for that sort of thing.
    Thanks for the review..I’ll save myself for the late showing of Harry Potter on Thursday so.
    Guaranteed to get the children good and terrified brfore bed.

  2. Is it…sorry for leaving that web link to twenty’s posting on your comments but I was properly outraged in the way that a middle class professional like me only can be.

  3. As was I.I have no problem with the original post.But as you say to ‘give breath’to the comments that followed..well lets just say..I’d delete.

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