Chicken Licken’s worst day…ever

I am suitably inspired by Is It Just Me’s posting from last Friday to extend the theme, if only because the sky is falling down. You see after 10 long years of listening to people say how great it was that house prices were going up, we are now going to have to listen to 10 longer years of moaning and bitching about how the price fall of 2007 was the start of all of our woes. Global warming, internationally-supported genocide, possible war between the United States and Iran are all to be blamed on George Lee’s pessimism. In a spectacular display of national hubris, we will be subjected to long periods of ‘gloom and doom’.

I am not one to follow the Bertie Ahern school of economics but talking about the problem of falling house prices as if it effects every single person’s every waking moment is just fucking bonkers. Gay Mitchell even got it on the act on this morning’s RTE news broadcasts claiming that he was taking the issue of increasing interest rates all the way to Europe. Do you think Trichet and his colleagues will laugh in his face or behind his back? I’m not sure which image is more cringe-inducing. Those who complain to their TD about how difficult they are finding it to pay off €2,000 per month 35 year mortgages might want to have read the small print. Remember terms and conditions applied that day you spent your Dad’s inheritance on a shoe box in ‘west Lucan’.

Then yesterday, on our way back from a good long walk in Dublin Bay, Ms 73man drops a bombshell: “maybe we should think abut buying property over the coming year or so?”. But but but, I thought we were into renting in the long term…..with all its pitfalls….and bad bathroom decor?? I’m swimming in a sea of property-induced confusion manifested as anger toward Gay Mitchell. Fuck this, I’m never ever blogging about property again. Go to Kav for his blogging on renovation if only so that I can learn from his mistakes when I have to make a decision about egg shell blue in about 18 month’s time.

Blogorrah RIP.

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Licken’s worst day…ever

  1. Mr Is is Just me? and I have an imminent move to brussels coming up, while we are there we’ll rent a spectacular and very large house in the waterloo area, send the children to the European school and avail of the superior health service.We may even buy a small place there and let it out on our return..we’ll never buy a property in Ireland again.
    great post!

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