Like WTF? Hello!?

So what exactly has happened to everyone’s (i.e. me and 25 other bitter people’s) favourite Irish ‘blog? Since the 13th of June, there has been neither sight nor sound of those crrrazzy guys resident in NYC. That curious gap in the beginning, the middle and end of every hour in the day that it was checked is becoming longer and longer. So much so that soon I’ll be doing minus work soon and I’ll end up in the City of Styrofoam Cups, Yeh owing my employer money. 12 days absence is the web equivalent of about three thousand years because things are so fast moving on the web that one minute you’re laughing at a dog riding a bicycle on youtube, the next you’re thinking you are the next Twenty Major. Honestly, it’s speeding up all of our mundane lives.

Is Blogorrah’s absence a sign that Foxy Ryan finally got his act together / realised that there is money to be made? There have been a few ads on the site for the last two months or so, clearly marking a shift in what might loosely be called its ‘market niche’. Perhaps they’re going to go upmarket and stop all this Bebo of the Day nonsense which is merely a middle aged man’s excuse for not looking at p0rn, having already internalised a sense of his partner’s shame in finding this out? Or maybe they have been served with a writ co-signed by Barry Egan, Trevor (why am I a bitch exactly?) White and Gavin Friday for defamation of what’s left of their characters? Whatever the reason, they certainly have made a mistake in not leaving the main site up there while they do the background redesign. I mean what are we supposed to do all day except leave rude, bullying and downright infantile comments to feed our own sense of self-worth?

I only put their logo up there because an images search for the phrases “stab in the back” and “bite the hand that fed me” threw up nothing particularly illustrative. I’m off to get my week’s full of post-irony irony from Mongrel instead. At least they don’t have massive ads splashed liberally through their publication….

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2 thoughts on “Like WTF? Hello!?

  1. Whats up with that? My inner bitch troll from hell is slowly shrinking due to the lack of bitching opps and I have a feeling that it’ll take the boys a while to build up the same momentum.
    By the way you’ve hit the nail on the is about sponsorship (inside info).

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