I’m an Apple Mac fan: I have an iMac at home and, sad man that I am, make all attempts to recreate my work Windows PC in Cupertino style. I read Apple blogs, get all smug when my Dad calls me up with a problem with his Win XP box and like seeing how windows screws up. However, very little of what I like about Apple products could come close to what is conveyed in this posting to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, or TUAW as the young folk call it:

A horrible, terrible thought crept into my head today as I fantasized about what it will be like to actually get to the counter of my local Apple Store the evening of June 29 and finally get my hands on my iPhone. What if the first hands to touch *my* iPhone aren’t my hands?

It’s available in full from here and it really does reach new heights in techno-fetishism. What kind of OCD is this fear exactly? Are prospective iPhone buyers under the impression that Apple products are somehow constructed by beings from another planet? Remember: made in China, designed in California. What about the poor sods in China crouching and soldering for less than the price of a skinny tall latte to get an iPod into your well-moisturised hands for under €250? What does this guy believe goes on when an iPhone is made?

God I miss Blogorrah!

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  1. Well its important that there are no germs on their iPhone. They wouldnt want to contract a nasty anal infection after they stick it up their arse! 🙂

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