Anonymous blogging

It is funny how this blogging thing works: you start off thinking that the world and its cuckolding wife will be reading it and so you say what you want and stay anonymous. In Blogorrah’s absence I have been reading a lot more personal blogs in recent weeks, most particularly The Swearing Lady and Irish Flirty Something. If I was bolder than I am I might insinuate that the two are one and the same person: Damien Mulley, that blogging machine. However, we know who Sweary is and I have a fair idea who Flirty is. Incestuously self-referential entries aside: why have I remained anonymous in this blog?

It began with a few posts to aforementioned uber-snipe blog Blogorrah as iceman, a name I now regret taking given what we know about the cinematic fate of Brad Pitt fill-in Val Kilmer. I changed it to 73man because I had previously set up a gmail account using that name. Seemed like a good idea at the time. So now I am 73man. I tentatively put up a photo on my profile, gave my flickr account address where you can see me in all my glory, suspended from a truss, naked while being dunked in a tub of ice-cold water. Those closest to me know I have a blog and many even check it out once in a while. My few postings on the John Gormley campaign were noted by his campaign manager so he knows who I am. I tell people I blog but never mention friends’ names.

I represent no one but myself. I do not represent a company when blogging and never blog about work. So why maintain the pretence?

Oh yea, and what the fuck is up with 50-odd Roma people living on roundabouts in Ballymun? Is it April 1st or did I dream that one up?

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