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I read in one of this morning’s newspapers that those boffins at Accenture Ireland have just published another of their annual studies that “examine(s) the customer-service challenges, maturity and practices of governments around the world”. Ireland is now ranked 11th of 22 countries examined (a pass rate) in this new report with:

Nearly one in four citizens feels the Government provides better customer service than the utility companies and the Government is rated marginally better than the airlines and the banks.

So: the government we have elected is marginally better than airlines (you know, puke on seats, piss poor environmental record, tendency to lay off staff at the drop of a hat) and the banks (you know, overcharging student customers, closing branches in smaller towns, making outrageous profits to heighten their own international profile, laying off staff at the drop of a hat).

That’s so cool, thanks Accenture.

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