Green around the gills

People use an expression to tell us that they’re sick and in this country mostly if they’ve been downing pints the night before: I’m a little green around the gills.

This morning I’m green around the gills. Not because I don’t feel well or I’ve been drinking secretly in the locked toilet of my house to cover over my insecurities from all who love me. I’m green around the gills because FF/PD and the Green Party have agreed on a programme for government. I’m not a party member so I’ll play hurler on the ditch instead because sniping from outside is the next best thing I can do without joining and voting against the, as yet, unseen proposals.

  1. if Ahern doesn’t need the numbers to make 84, why are the Greens agreeing to share power?
  2. what about the Shannon stopover and the fairly important point that thousands die every year because we facilitate a portion of an invading army?
  3. what about the concerns of the people of Bellenaboy Mayo over Shell’s plans?
  4. what about a large road going through the Tara / Skryne valley?
  5. what about the robbing of public lands to facilitate the expansion of private capital by building hospitals?
  6. are there plans to double the Dublin Bus fleet?
  7. is there an agreement to fund tram systems for Galway and / or Limerick?
  8. when will Galway city have a safe and reliable source of drinking water?
  9. what about directly elected mayors?

Never underestimate a party’s membership. All will be clear by 9pm tonight, Wednesday.

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