What’s wrong with us?

In a fit of strange 1950s consumerist behaviour, some publisher called Any Ring has just published the first annual edition of his Irish Debs Magazine. Two things straight off: that’s an odd name for a man, it’s an annual magazine. When I was growing up there was Whizzer & Chips every week and I religiously (well, routinely) collected it. Then there was an Annual for the following year. (I used to get a strange thrill from seeing next year’s date on the front of this year’s publication but that’s another day’s therapy.) The point is that magazines are weekly or monthly, annuals are well, every year. Thanks to my friends at Blogorrah (who trawl this kind of stuff for my prurient delectation) the press release contained the following two sentences:

This new annual magazine will address a niche in the market as there are presently over 60,000 Debs taking place in Ireland per annum compared to 20,000 Weddings. It’s surprising someone didn’t think of the idea sooner!

Now perhaps this is a piss take by B and Nat but I’ve had many ideas over the years and have wilfully stayed away from their implementation, even when drunk. A magazine for Irish Debs (for int’l: think US spring break with four times as much booze and a quarter of the class) may have been one of them.

This is possibly the worst side of the Celtic Badger I have seen yet (apart from the use of the phrase ‘going forward’ at the end of sentences). The celebration to mark the end of your school life encapsulated by an annual magazine. In one of the worse editorial shooting-yourself-in-the-foot decisions ever, the first edition costs €6 (classy) and contains features on dresses, makeovers and hair extensions. So what’ll be in 2008’s edition? how to sober up your teen? a feature on how to talk to your child about post-coital contraception? an interview with someone who went to their debs and was bitterly disappointed by it? Call me old-fashioned but what happened to fun being about the spur of the moment or for that matter not going to the debs at all!

Northsider on Blogorrah left the comment

And when you Google “Irish Debs” the first (and only relevant) result is this item on Blogorrah. Are you guys just making this shit up now to get a rise out of us?

Either an elaborate ploy or is from the same stable as Irish First Communion. Once I had an idea for a device that sucked all the originality, spontaneity and intelligence out of every damn thing that’s put on the marketplace and I was also surprised that no one had thought of it sooner.

Oh yeh, and by the way, Gardai in Cavan or anywhere else misusing public resources and taking the piss out of people (mentally ill or not) while on duty and then posting it on youtube, is neither funny or clever. I mean if all of went about wasting our employer’s resources to amuse ourselves….oh wait.

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3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with us?

  1. I can assure you that there is no connection between Irish Debs and irish First Communion. I saw that post on Blogorrah this morning before leaving for work, and the outline for IFC was created in my feverish imagination as I sat in the traffic around Newland’s Cross.



  2. I have seen the mag in a shop. Couldn’t look cheaper if they tried, but will sell like hotcakes.

  3. Gerry, yes, I know and great mock-up. If only the publishers of New York Dog would take up on it.

    Flirty – not only looks cheap but at 6e for an annual magazine, what’s the point?

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