Money for old rope

Bringing the ignoble art of journalism into disrepute in Ireland is the job of one Ian O’Doherty. Ian’s not a human you see, he’s a ball of frustration, wrapped in prejudice, coated in a slime of self-serving righteousness. Following on Blogorrah’s sort-of sneaking regard for the Ianster this morning, I thought a few words of my own might help the situation along. As today’s picture shows, it is really Ian’s world, we are merely the subhuman scum who dare to live in it.

Having the good sense to put his ramblings in the Opinion columns, the Indo is at least able to distill the most reactionary of its reader’s views and place them in a file called ‘Ian’. Ian’s opinions range from the downright moronic (“there are women everywhere, demanding the same pay and the same rights as the rest of us.”) to the inflammatory (“bloody liberals and their insane social experiment designed to make children feel good about themselves and all sorts of wishy-washy nonsense.”). I’m not foolish enough to believe that he holds these convictions strongly and also that he is put up there to provoke reaction but this man is dangerous. I note with interest how he shys away from the ‘political correctness gone mad’ style of journalism but prefers instead to pick anything up randomly from the internet and bring it to the attention of anyone who does happen to get over the state of him in his picture.

In a perverse kind of way I admire the man because he gets to write about pretty much anything he wants, as long as it contains the words reasonable, decent and law-abiding once in a while. Apparently his word processor does not save his files if a certain quota of these words is not filled. The problem with this style of journalism though is that it paints itself as social analysis but is really misinformed prejudice feeding into the kinds of people who took pity on Bertie when he was ‘hounded by the press’ in recent weeks over allegations that he accepted large wads in return for political favour.

Down with this sort of thing.

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