Regime change begins at home

I am away on holidays for the next fortnight and will not be giving you the benefit of my Guardian / Irish Times / Blogorrah-inspired wisdom for that time. There’s an election between now and then so I am asking all readers with a vote in Election 2007 to vote, vote strategically and vote to kick the current shower of ne’er do wells out of office. If only for the following reasons:

1. Any government that can screw up the electronic voting implementation this much and understand so little about what makes our current system work well deserves to be in opposition for a while.
2. Bertie Ahern’s well-rehearsed crocodile tears over his personal life in last autumn’s TV interview with Brian Dobson.
3. Michael McDowell, and (intake of breath) Thornton Hall, the Citizenship Referendum, Duke of York tactics over Bertie’s money, hounding the Centre for Public Inquiry out of business and ruining the name of a good journalist, intemperate outbursts in debate, disregard for the intentions of voters, the lack of action on the findings of the Morris Tribunal and the just-enacted Criminal Justice Act.
4. Ignoring the National Spatial Strategy exemplified in the water crisis for almost 100,000 people of Galway and the refusal to open the Western Rail Corridor.
5. Routinely ignoring the democratic wishes of people resident in Bellanaboy Co Mayo whose votes clearly count less than those of the residents of Dublin 4, 6, 9 and 18.

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3 thoughts on “Regime change begins at home

  1. the criminal justice bill is a disgrace. How can they make a crime of staying silent? And deciding not to testify after giving a statement becuase you or your family have been threatened? Outrageous.

  2. 73man. Best of luck to you and your boy John on Thursday. I guess it is all pretty much over now bar the shouting. I’m still voting Fianna Fail and still think they will provide the best government in the future, just like they did an outstanding job on most fronts for the past decade.

  3. Right with you there 73…now we just need a couple million more like-minded folk and we cansack the lot of ’em esp McD *intake of breath*

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