So when is a lie not a lie? When it’s told by a Taoiseach to his Tanaiste of course.

This whole affair with the PDs wanting to leave government but not leave government, thereby making themselves more irrelevant than they already are, is not only tiresome but shows up the shallowness that passes for political debate in the Republic. When there is so little to distinguish the parties of what is called the mainstream, all we hear from our fellow citizens in Montrose, D’Olier St and CityWest is the minutiae of who called whom and when.

Where is the substantial policy difference between the parties on paying nurses more, telling the US Army to get stuffed from our airports and the future of sustainable and well run public transport?

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One thought on “FF’ers

  1. must agree, an awful campaign, despite the enjoyment i’ve taken from watching the bastards squirm. ordinary people and their ordinary everyday issues like getting to work within an hour are being hidden by this labyrinth of bullshit claim and counter-claim.

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