Dity tricks in Dublin South East

On the canvass with the Green Party again this afternoon. While it was not the morning canvass that had been touted, the prospect of being seen in the lovely Kafka, Rathmines alongside the candidate was too hard to resist. Over lunch I learned many things. A well connected Party source is related to the restau’s owner, his brother starred in the Allianz insurance ads and Big Mick is playing filthy dirty politics in Dublin South East.

Under the banner of the party he leads, Michael McDowell (naturally he does not appear personally on the leaflet at all) has started playing dirty and claiming the Green Party actually wants to be the Nanny Staters that he and his ilk have already become. What the Green Party Actually Wants to Do outlines a few bullet points most of which are blatant lies. The Green Party wants to remove the gates from private apartment complexes – a lie. The Green Party wants to stop vaccinating children and are against water flouridation – a conflation of fact and fiction. Best of all, The Green Party wants to “change our immigration rules”. This is the politics of fear writ large.

McDowell has been responsible for the oversight of a Government department hell bent on defining, redefining and then ripping up what migration into Ireland means. By framing it as “our immigration rules” (not laws remember, just rules) McDowell is saying that an indefinable “we” determine the rules. You know the decent people of Dublin 4 and 6. Those who voted in such high numbers when Big Mick conflated citizenship, gender politics and race in 2004’s referendum. Big Mick knows which buttons to push.

More from the stump very soon.

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