Cost, price and value

I had occasion to have a mid-afternoon snack yesterday in the Merrion Hotel, in Dublin’s city centre. I had a meeting in the area and after our meeting we went over to the hotel to debrief. Now, Merrion Hotel has a name for being one of the city’s most opulent hotels but to pay €22.50 for a medium sized plate full of about 9 mini scones is beyond belief.

In all €44 was handed over by our group of three for the plate of scones (nothing exceptional, overly dusted with cheap sugar and they still stuck to my teeth), accompanying jam, cream and butter with three cups of coffee. It was well served but hardly blowjob-fantastic and interrupted by another staff member crashing a tray of silverware to the ground behind us. You might say the Merrion Hotel knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

What kind of people opt to stay in a hotel that charges 22 fucking euro for a plate of scones that cost probably 2.50 to make? Do they think they are worth all that money?

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