Bus standards

So Ms 73man and I were coming back home yesterday afternoon on the bus, film watched and enjoyed. Now the 16A is a busy route and in true Dublin style, does not change its frequency of service to suit the city’s events, i.e. 50,000 people being in Croker to see Mayo being beaten by Donegal.

We got on at George’s St and it was busy. Let’s just say that most of Mayo was on its way to Rathfarnham and didn’t care who knew it either! There was a seat there right next to the middle doors and she chose to stand, so I sat, actually squeezed between two older men. It was also very hot on the bus. The kind of heat that would peel wallpaper off the walls of your newly-purchased, to the hilt funded, steadily depreciating pad in Dublin 6W. Another older man got on and before I could give up my seat the younger woman to my right gave up her seat. When the bus emptied out a little Ms 73man went up stairs and I knew, just knew there was trouble.

Apparently if she didn’t know me, she’d think I was a prick for taking that one seat near the door. She needed to tell me, I needed to be defensive it seems…..

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