Come over all Picasso like

Trying to catch a glimpse of myself while thinking about myself. This is what I was doing last night. I was on the couch and talking about sitting in the passenger seat of my car when my right eye moved north west and my left eye moved south east. Like the subject of this painting, it was all vertical. My brain was trying to switch itself over and then I thought the right of my body was bigger than the left, my right arm was shrinking into my torso and trying to come out my left side. I was pushing myself off the couch on to my left side.

I’m left handed you see which seems to make my brain’s right hemisphere more dominant. No ‘shrooms….honestly.

The point is though that when I fall off the couch I look all messed and stupid lying on the floor, I don’t want any human contact. I’ll brush myself down, apologise and go back to being ‘normal’. I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you, I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Above all, don’t try to connect with me as another human being.

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