Burning man

Michael does it again. At yesterday’s hearings to decide on what, how or who should build an incinerator in Dublin bay, Big Mick states that he is part of the current government which commits itself to establishing incinerators as part of Ireland’s waste problem, is dead against it being in his constituency and will not play with anyone who likes big factories that burn lots of rubbish. He is quoted in this morning’s Irish Times as saying

The council had lied to the public in relation to the contract with the developers of the incinerator and regardless of what decision An Bord Pleanála came to he intended to stop it being built.

Sooo let’s get this one straight, Dublin city council has lied to the people about the location of the incinerator and its usage, An Bord Pleanala is a toothless organ of the State and he personally will stop an incinerator being built. Perhaps Michael would like to commit himself doing something that doesn’t give himself exposure in the run up to an election.

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