Bad to worster

Let me explain the lack of posts here in the last two days. I’ve been hob nobbing around the Dublin area for the last two days trying to get some serious work done. Wednesday I met our esteemed leader Plastic Bertrand at some launch or other where he seemed a lot more consumed by rushing away and getting back to slagging off the opposition than he was in launching a report on Active Citizenship. He looked corpulent, a mess and about to burst with the stress. I shook his hand – he’s the world’s expert you know – and realised afterwards that I couldn’t even look him in the eye when I did so. So I feel bad about meeting Bertie? WTF?

Thursday I was in Co Laois trying to motivate some of my colleagues to help out with a nation-wide survey (Michael Ryan was not involved).

Dick Roche was also there with some handlers and rushed back to his desk quicker than a…than a….a minister running out of time fast. Dick’s been having a little trouble lately. First he gets himself involved in an unseemly and not at all politically-immature scrap over the inability of Galway’s local authorities to provide a safe clean source of drinking water to the good citizens of Galway and south Mayo. It seems Big Dick just cannot help having a go at the same local authorities whose funding his ministry controls. Funny that eh?

Then Big Dick gets embroiled in some crap about lack of planning permission for a billboard in Co Wicklow (within his own electoral constituency) which displays his own image and praising his record in government. Guess what? His own government department also manages the ways in which planning permission is kept in check. Now now Dick, what have you been up to?

Anyone else find these posters for FF a little fascistic?

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