The politics of celebrity (celebrity of politics?)

I leave the country for a few short days and what does the evil bastard do? He clones himself! I have no moral objections to cloning per se but this is ridiculous.

Why do parties from the right insist on bringing ‘celebrity’ ‘talent’ to the upcoming election foray? Do they think that there is some caché attached to association with former footballers and joanna tinklers? I recall seeing an interview with Graham Geraghty where he was asked why he chose to run for FG in Meath. His answer was something like: ‘cos they approached me. Incisive eh?

On another note, the PD’s Fiona O’Malley wants to make the Irish “the wind arabs of the world!”. Quite apart from the conflation of an ancient culture which gave us mathematics and writing with the extraction of fossil fuels, O’Malley’s comments are surely insulting to the inhabitants of Commonwealth Bay Antarctica, the world’s windiest place.

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