Playing away

Occasionally my work takes me away from this desk and this weekend is one of those occasions. I am lucky enough to have been offered a conference in Italy this weekend and I am flying out tomorrow afternoon. OK so its Ryanair and OK so its work but I’m relishing the prospect of some paid-for travel after just a year in the job.

Not that my delight is of anyone else’s concern. I noticed a distinct coldness among a few colleagues in recent days given my departure. Thin-lipped resentment came in my direction from someone here who has been working here five years and “has not once been offered a foreign trip”. Half in jest of course but the tone has been distinctly colder since preparation for the conference has been underway from last week. Anyway, I’m above all of that blah de blah. Work to be done, dinners to be eaten and all that. Professionalism is the key word……

Am to report back here on Monday next week, all being well.

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One thought on “Playing away

  1. Thanks Seventy, it just got me a little annoyed to read about emptying A&E units when we can’t brush our teeth without taking a bottle of water with us.
    How did you get on In Italy?.

    BTW my husbands favourite saving for these things? ‘F**K the begrudger’s!’

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