New Ireland indeed

Two stories on the RTE website this afternoon really got my goat. The first, is an account of a court case challenging a man being arrested for begging. Is this a vindication of his human rights or another sign of where things are going here right now? I say fair dues to the guy for pursuing this one.

The second concerns the reputed Irish ‘heritage’ (reserved solely for US nationals it seems) of presidential hopeful Barack O’Bama, sorry Obama.

“Research by the genealogy website reveals that Mr Obama’s great great great grandfather was born in Ireland, although it is not yet known where. Falmouth Kearney sailed from Ireland to New York in 1850 at the age of 19 on the S.S. Marmion arriving on the 20th of March.”

Timely eh?

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2 thoughts on “New Ireland indeed

  1. Very kind of them to give O’Bama a dig out with the aul Irish vote in the us, don’t you think?

    PS will you please return the favour and look my blog over? the tunbleweed is really starting to get in the way..its not all about food you know..

  2. That’s fair enough but here’s a thought as I put my own up: does it matter if you get no comments?

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