Gorgeous George

The over excitable George Lee, RTE TV economics correspondent, was very upset on the news last night. He was standing on the corner of one of the quays in Dublin overlooking the Financial Services Centre (where all the money goes dontchakno) and looked very concerned.

All through the 90s, George had it good. Rewarded for his investigations in to Ansbacher accounts, George gorged on the purulent flesh of the Celtic Tiger scarcely pausing for breath to give us reports as to how much tax we were all paying. Some reports were like ‘tax porn’, George couldn’t get to the money shot quickly enough. He was fast forwarding through the boring bits of Department of Finance reports to show us the jizz of the Celtic Tiger writ large.

Last night he seemed very forlorn indeed, even if his pronouncements of late have been more left-leaning than most. This posting is not about George Lee though – that’s the stuff of pillow biting; it is about the surprise expressed in some quarters that we are vulnerable to the world economy that ‘seemed to have had no effect on our success of the last 15 years’. Everyone’s surprised – international markets in turmoil, multinationals relocating to cheaper economies to cut back on labour, even the current tales of doom about spiralling energy prices has us all staying awake at night. All of us, in the same way as we were all buying houses / taking two holidays / max’ing out an SSIA about 5 years ago. Sher even Travellers have two cars nowadays!

Proving once more that what passes for public discourse in Ireland swings wildly between “sher we’re all enjoying the boom” (or pub conversations like “house prices are mad, aren’t they?”) and it’s all chaos, chaos I tells ya! Gorge on George, the best is yet to come. If you didn’t catch George, here’s some random shi’ite from utube instead:

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