my finest 0.89 of a second

Like a drunken stagger out of Lillies’ on a Sunday morning seeking cheap publicity for my own self-aggrandisement, I’ve made it! I’ve had Blogorrah and now Blogorrah’s had me. It’s already generated some well-composed begrudgery. The circle is complete: boy sees Blogorrah, boy laughs childishly, boy tentatively comments, boy gets bored with Ronan O’Gara photoshops, boy returns to the fold, boy gets inspired, boy blogs.

Puremule surmises that from my profile and my work location that I’m a “pinko middle-class lefty academic type” and he’s not wrong. Stand up lefty academic types and cast off your chains of oppression formed by your own undermining ambivalence to class inequalities that you may have had some part in perpetuating!

Apparently I’m “frustrated by the absence of social justice in this country” and yes, that’s also true. Thanks for helping me out and clearing up a few things ‘cos I really wasn’t clear. Stay tuned for sustained criticism of Michael McDowell’s ‘policies’, state inaction on Travellers, the stigma of mental health, our tawdry planning system…..

Puremule’s ‘critique’ takes the set of assumptions and rewrites them to make himself look clever. Bring. It. On.

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