Soft underbelly of this country’s economy

In recent days there has been lots of loose talk and far too many newspaper articles on the downturn in the Irish economy. The most immediately obvious things most journos go for is the ability to compare it to the grim old 1980s. “We didn’t have much but at least we were poor…” goes the refrain.

The only problem is that many people around me every day are suffering under the burden of this ‘successful’ economy. I work in Maynooth and every morning I see thousands of cars sitting on the N4 queuing to get into the city area, within the M50’s boundary. Only this morning there was a small crash near Palmerstown, the whole way to the join with the M4 was blocked up. Quality of life? It’s not like we are working any harder, is it??

When those lovely boys and girls come to seek your vote – did you remember to register, I mean remind the local authority that they register you – ask them some key questions, some of which I am able to provide here cos I’m like that:

  • Why, after 10 years of the same parties in government, does the health system not work for people?
  • When will we see public transport funded in the same way, and to the same levels, as private transport?
  • Why, after 10 years of the same parties in government, do people still have to wait so long for a local authority house?
  • Where does the cash that is hoovered up by taxes on speculative land grabbing around our cities get spent?

You know the simple stuff…

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