Clever blogging

So is it possible to make a blog without feeling like a) you are a complete ball of neurotic tension because people read your thoughts, or b) nobody is actually reading my mindless muck?

Sure. Plenty do and thrive.

I have nothing clever to say, no keen advice to impart, no great truths for people to live by. I have broadband, therefore I blog.

Seems like the mainstream mass media, Irish Times, Guardian, Capital D (yes I watch it) are struggling to keep up with d’internet (it’s on computers now). Feeble attempts to keep their middle aged / class readership appraised of the way de yout’ like to write things on computers and hell, then publish it. Instead of providing blogging on their own sites they publish paper copies with bad renderings of the front pages of other people’s blogs. Clever eh?

Having said that, I hope my own appears there soon. ‘Cos i just wanna be liked.

If you have to ask why publish your own thoughts for everyone else to read (note to R Tubridy), you’re already a few steps behind.

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4 thoughts on “Clever blogging

  1. Thanks Is It…? I have plenty to say and this time I’m determined not to let the “why publish?” existential angst get to me.

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